Welcome to the Dreamhack Winter 2014 League of Legends Signup

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BYOC Qualifier

4 teams will have a chance to qualify at the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) tournament at DHW2014.

2 Teams from Day 1 competitions, and 2 teams from Day 2 competitions.

Please note that you are required to have a Dreamhack Winter 2014 ticket with a seat in order to participate.

Day 1 Registration close: 14.00 CET Thursday, 27th of November

Day 2 Registration close: 13.00 CET Friday, 28th of November

Signup to BYOC Qualifier

Read more info and book your seats at the Dreamhack website.

No Online Qualifiers for Dreamhack Winter 2014

Sorry, no Online qualifiers, only Offline (BYOC).


Important Tournament Information

Main Tournament

Please read the tournament rules.

Check the Dreamhack Website news item for exact times on signup, match starts etc, you will also recieve information when checking into the Game booth.

BYOC Qualifier

4 Team qualify through the Offline (BYOC) Qualifier at Dreamhack Winter 2014. You are required to have a ticket with a seat to DHW2014 in order to participate.

Do not forget to read the rules of the tournament.

There are 2 BYOC tournaments, one on Day 1 and one of Day 2 with Semifinal and Finals on Day 3.

When you arrive at Dreamhack, check in with Game crew in Hall B

Online Qualifier

No online qualifier for DH Winter 2014.